Hi, I'm Stephanie

I am a self taught artist whose focus is creating emotional, intimate, and colorful moments of motherhood. 

When I am asked about my art I begin by explaining I cherish pregnancy, birth and all the experiences of motherhood.  I am a mother to seven (yes, seven) children.  I have experienced miscarriage, home birth, hospital birth, water birth, emergency Cesarian, VBAC, and stillbirth and value the transformational process of each.  I love birth stories because there is nothing more electric and life affirming than birth!  Which is why I am drawn to create emotional images of motherhood from pregnancy and beyond.

I am a Christian mother of 7 children, a writer, a wife, a home schooler, a do-it-yourself kinda girl who knows her way around power tools, a sugar junkie, a movie aficionado, a wearer of only comfortable clothes who spends an obscene amount of time doing endless loads of laundry.  I am a dance around the house, sing in the car, spontaneous kinda girl who loves being covered in paint.

Between raising my children and educating them {I home school} I like to paint.  

I have had the privilege of seeing my children grow into my favorite people in the world.  

I am a firm believer in the beauty of pregnancy and the empowering process of birth.   

I am passionate about advocacy, creating awareness about loss through sharing Amelia’s story, and have discovered joy and healing by creating art that celebrates life, exalts pregnancy, illuminates and uplifts motherhood.

I hope my work touches your heart.   

I would LOVE to share my art with you!  Just click the link below and find something perfectly suited to express all those beautifully complicated emotions that are beyond words.

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