Transform your belly cast into a unique and meaningful piece of art.  Here are just a few examples of the casts I have painted. 

Painting a cast is labor intensive and time consuming.  Before I even paint a cast, I prepared it with reinforcing materials, sand (and repeat the first two steps if necessary) and then prime the cast.  This all is part of the overall cost of your commission quote.  I do not frame, mount or drill holes into your cast.  If you plan on hanging your cast with ribbon or wire, you must drill your holes before it arrives to be painted.  

Belly casts MUST be whole (not broken or cracked) in order for me to agree to take on your commission.  Please understand that I only take on one belly cast commission at a time, due to the lengthy process and my desire to solely focus on creating my best work. 

The Process:

  1. Fill out the form below and let me know you are interested in having me paint your belly cast.
  2. I will communicate with you about the commission, quote you the cost, and then send you a contract for approval.  To give you an idea, the base cost for a belly cast painting is $300 (this doesn’t include tax or shipping).  My commission quote will take into account what you wish to have painted, number of images, color detail, design intricacy, etc.
  3. A deposit of 50% of the total payment is expected.  This will not include return shipping or applicable tax.
  4. You carefully pack and ship your cast to me after we agree on terms: approved contract, design, payment deposit and timeline for completion (expect between 6-8 weeks).
  5. Once your cast arrives, I will inspect it, prepare it for painting and begin painting.
  6. I will regularly communicate during this process and share photos with you.
  7. Once completed, the other 50% of the deposit, plus tax and return shipping to you is expected.
  8. I carefully protect and pack your cast and provide you a tracking number.

Shipping costs of your belly cast are not part of my quote, as costs will vary depending on weight, size and distance.  The cost it takes for you to ship it to me will be what you should expect to pay for me to ship back to you.  Casts are expensive to ship and can cost over $100 one way, so please research this carefully. 

I can appreciate how much of an investment this is and am happy to discuss payment options with you.  

Are you interested in a custom painting?  Click here for more information.

Contact me to begin your belly cast commission.