Thank you very much for the donation of the beautiful cards to Good Samaritan Hospital’s perinatal bereavement program. I don’t know what moves me more — your beautiful painting or your heartfelt words. We will include them in the memory boxes that we give to our bereaved parents. I know that they will appreciate your ability to capture their intensely complicated feelings, and it will give them hope that you have been able to grieve and still find it in yourself to reach out to others. I will pass the second set of cards on to my friend, Donna, who is a nurse at Danbury Hospital. Like you and me, she knows the pain of losing a precious child, and she feels called to reach out and help. Love,


You have done an absolutely fabulous job, Stephanie. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to do this for me because I know you know how much this cast means and I knew you would handle it with love and care. I had so many ideas for the painting of this cast run through my head but none of them ever really felt right. This is it. It is perfect and you have captured what my mind couldn’t. Thank you so much for doing this for me. I will treasure it even more than I already do.

-Holly H.

It is hung up in my house!!!!! There are still pictures sitting on the floor by where they are supposed to be hung from when we bought our house 5 years ago – - – - – and your painting it up and wonderful! My daughter was amazed that someone could paint that! She is 5, and her paintings have all been scribbles, she said that she is going to try to paint like you!

-Kristen H.

Oh my goodness!!! I received the canvases today and they’re PERFECT!!! I love them Stephanie! You are so talented and I am so thankful you were able to make these for my girl. I can’t wait to do her room now; I will send you pictures as soon as it’s complete! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!


“You have made me cry, it is just so beautiful and perfect. I cannot tell you how grateful my husband and I are, he loves it too. Thank you so very much, truly. It means the world. It’s funny that when I saw your work back in December (I think!) I knew you had to do this for us and for Ava.”

- Abbie H.

“The canvas is gorgeous, my husband loved it too! More of our Jenna Belle’s name (we can’t get enough of seeing it!)”


“Stephanie, thank you so much for putting your love into Emma and Chase’s painting. It is breathtaking and will always remind us of our babies. Your talent is amazing and I am so thankful for you creating Beyond Words Designs. You have made us smile and that means so much. You are honoring your sweet Amelia in such a beautiful way.”

- Jill A.

“Thank you for creating such a beautiful canvas for our daughter Eve. Hanging it in the hall with the pictures of our living children gives us all the inclusion of her life we need. When guests enter our home they feel free to comment on the artwork you created, and then also on Eve- maybe something they remember about her life, or that time in our lives, and their words have been special and kind, just as they would be, had she lived. I deeply appreciate that we have an image to display that represents some of the great love we have for our daughter in heaven, and that that love is clearly recognizable through every aspect of her canvas- the colors, the lettering, and our words. You are gifted and I am thankful for this work you offer to hurting families as a stepping stone on the path to healing.”

- Sarah G.

“It looks fabulous and fits perfectly in his room, thank you so much! Jaxson himself has not arrived yet, I’m now 6 days over due but hoping it’s soon.”

- Leah O.

“I just wanted to write you and say that I love the art that you have created with children’s names.”

- Cady D.

“It’s beautiful! Even my husband was like, Wow- that’s perfect! And he isn’t usually that into decoration type things. I am so happy with it steph, thank you so very much!”

- Melissa A.

” Oh Steph! The painting is gorgeous.”

- Mirne

“Oh, we LOVE it!!!! It’s wonderful!!!!”

- Lori & John E.

“Stephanie – It’s exactly how I pictured it and it is going to look amazing in my office.”

- Beryl

“Oh my gosh – I love it!!!!!!! It’s perfect- I can not wait to see it in his room 🙂 Thank you so much!”

- Kathy S.

“Yay, it is here and has already been displayed in our room! It is beyond beautiful and just so special. Thank you so much Steph, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate and adore the painting. Your work and talent is incredible!”

- A.H.
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