BlogLovin’ Tutorial

{Silent scream} ‘Nooooooooooooo!’ ~ as I realize that all too quickly the tremendous amount of time and work I put into my blog may be undone by the simplest of things. . . Google Friends Connect.   So, a few friends and I decided to each find an alternative, share it, and link up with one another to help all our readers find NEW ways to follow. . . and I am really Lovin’ what I have found!

Spotlight on ‘BlogLovin’.  Okay ~ I have to say that I like the name for its obvious southern flare (*shout out to those below the Mason-Dixon line) and for the fact that it is simple to sign up for and use.

Love Blogs?  Want to organize and read them at your leisure?  Well, BlogLovin’ is a fabulous way to do it.  BlogLovin’ not only searches for blogs of interest to you and suggests them, but you can organize your best reads into different categories.  BlogLovin’ shows you the 3 latest posts of each blog you follow WITH photos.  So, if your at all like me ~ the photos are a HUGE plus.  And if your not tech. savvy (ahem. . . like me) BlogLovin’ is very easy and non-techie friendly.

There hasn’t been a blog that I couldn’t find yet.  The search feature is easy and well managed, and I like its clean and uncluttered look.  You can click on the logo below and sign up for BlogLovin’ today.

Remember that on March 1st, Google Friends Connect will pull the plug.  IF your following any blogs that are NOT on Blogger you will loose the ability to follow them with GFC.  I am one of those blogs.  But you can follow me at ALL of the listed links below.  And I would love it if you did (insert huge gratitude here).

For more really great ways to follow blogs online, just hop on over to my friends links below!  See their recommendations.  I promise this will be informative!

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