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Imagine giving birth and leaving a hospital without your baby.  It is something most people don’t want to think about let alone try to imagine.  But this is a reality for about 26,000 women who experience pregnancy loss through stillbirth each year in the United States.  Just think about that ~ in this day and age 26,000 mothers and fathers don’t have a happy ending.  They leave devastated with empty arms ~ and, if they are fortunate ~ may be given a small box Memory Box with a few precious things that their baby left behind.

As a mother who experienced the death of my baby, I know that there are never enough mementos to honor her.  I cherish the memory box I walked out of the hospital with after Amelia died.  It consisted of a lock of her hair, her anklet ID, the hat she wore, a paper measuring tape with her height recorded, hand and footprints, and a lovely candle donated by a mother (who had lost her baby) and wanted to make the boxes a bit more special for those of us who would come after her.  Everything that she touched or that was a part of her birth is special to me . . . but I would have loved to have more.  For this reason, I painted ‘Starry, Starry Night.’  It is an image that represents stillbirth and motherhood ~ an intertwined and never-ending story.

My Hope, My Dream, My Wish . . .  is to add something special to hospital memory boxes throughout the United States.  I want parents to have something visual, beautiful, tangible and ‘sharable’.   I want to create a piece of commemorative art that a family can hand down through generations.   A visible reminder to all who see it ~ that our babies were here and motherhood is forever.

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Here is an example of the card that is being donated to memory boxes.

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