LOVE is not a trendy word to throw into an email, or blog post (except in this instance, lol).  LOVE is not just for Valentines.  LOVE is not an exclamation to pepper conversation with.  LOVE is a noun and a verb!  The dictionary states that LOVE is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  Hmm.  ya don’t say.

I have been thinking a lot about that word today.  I know that I am guilty of throwing it around like an exclamation that punctuates every other sentence. “I LOVE chocolate.  I LOVE that song that makes me sing out loud.  I  LOVE my favorite movie stars.  I LOVE a good book.   I LOVE that new pair of shoes.  I LOVE Mexican food with a frozen strawberry margarita.  I LOVE getting a break from the kids after being with them all week.  I LOVE getting my hair done.  I LOVE going to the movies all by myself.”

And if I LOVE so darn much, than why am I often dissatisfied?  I think the answer is pretty obvious.  LOVE is profound and divine.  LOVE is a gift that we are to give and receive with humbleness.  LOVE forgives.  LOVE conquers.  LOVE saves.

I take LOVE for granted and when I do, I loose sight of its true meaning.  LOVE is to be experienced in relationship with another.  LOVE is meant to run through people, uniting them, connecting them.  And reflecting God’s LOVE for us outward ~ shining His perfect LOVE like a beacon for all to see.

I hope that you feel love ALL year long and not just on that Hallmark holiday!  I hope you feel LOVE from not only the significant ones in your life, but from the one who so LOVED us that he gave us life.

And because I this just happens to be titled “Loved” I thought that I would share it today.   LOVED can be seen along with other fun prints, originals and magnets in the shop.

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